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Course Communique #10: Questhavensbergen

April 12, 2019 1 min read

Course Communique #10: Questhavensbergen

Returning in the most glorious of ways to the Canyon Belgian Waffle Ride, Questhavensbergen has been added as the beginning of the final climb of the day for Wafflers and Wafers alike. The five-plus-mile climb up to 1600 feet commences through the Questhaven Retreat of the Christward Ministry. It’s a non-denominational Christian retreat nestled among chaparral-covered hills encompassing 655 acres of pristine wilderness with hiking trails inviting the worship and experience of God in a beautiful nature setting. Barely staying upright, riders will struggle through these oak-lined canyons and shaded woodland sanctuaries, forced to focus only on the stress at hand… unable to experience the centered stillness and quiet necessary for the awakening that lies at the top. It is here, many riders will stop to pray.

This year, Questhavensbergen offers more than any other sector in BWR history. If riders make it this far, their eyes, mouths and stomachs will be treated to delights all varieties; the kind that may entice them to quit or at least hang out for a while at the Oasis Feed Zone. Also, riders in the hunt will find different sectors for both the KOD/QOD and KOM/QOM category competitions. Be warned: THERE WILL BE MANY THINGS HERE THAT WILL GET IN THE WAY OF FINISHING OR FINISHING ON TIME. Don’t forget to take a picture, eat some bacon or have a lavender spritzer. There is also an altar for prayer…

Hey, at least you made it this far.

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