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Why were the BWR events postponed?

The BWR events had to be postponed as local officials could not commit to us having a valid permit for the original date due to Covid restrictions and guidelines. We had to establish new dates and are now July 18, 2021 for the San Diego and Aug 21, 2021 for the North Carolina event.

What If I cannot make the new date or am not comfortable riding in the 2021 event because of covid-19?

There are plenty of great options.

Defer or transfer to any of the events on our calendar for 2021 (4 events) or for any of the 2022 events. The registration can also be transferred to anyone else. Changes to registration can be made up until the week of your original event date. Instructions to transfer are below.

What if I have the “Fanshield Event Insurance” and cannot make the event because of travel restriction or other?

If you have the event insurance this is the info:

The event has been postponed and the policies will carry over to the new date. You can file a claim to with your email address and Policy ID:  
Please note that the insurance protection does not cover if the person who is filing a claim says that they cannot attend because of Covid or because they were infected with Coronavirus.
With that being said, the insurance is still valid if they cannot attend the event for other reasons: lay-off, death in a family, business trip conflict and sickness with note from the doctor (but no mention of coronavirus) and more.
For more information on Fanshield attendee protection and policy, you can use the following link for their FAQs:
Coverage holders remain eligible to submit claims for reimbursement according to the terms and conditions of their coverage, including for all listed Covered Reasons, such as those who are not able to attend an event, registration, or booking due to an unforeseen Illness or a delay or cancellation of Common Carrier transportation to the event, registration, or booking.WHAT IF AN EVENT IS POSTPONED TO A LATER DATE? If an event is postponed to a future date, policy holders’ coverage will continue through to the event’s rescheduled date. As we are notified of event postponements, we are proactively reaching out to policy holders to provide clarity as early as possible.

How do I transfer to my original registration to one of the 2021 or 2022 events?

Please follow the instructions below to complete the transfer:

  1. To make the changes, login to your account using the same email address as the one you used to register. Create a password to access your registration.
  2. Then from the dropdown menu Manage Registration, click on Edit Information


  3. Scroll all the way down. Do not forget to sign the electronic waiver if it was not already done by entering your full name the same way it is displayed on your registration.

  4. Click on Select Additional Items to see the Transfer Options section, click on your choice and Save.

  5. Proceed with checkout. You will receive a confirmation email with the original registration location but one of the items will list the location or date change and will be reconciled by the following Friday.

    By the end of the week, we will cancel your original registration and send you a new registration for the correct location/event.

     If you experience any technical difficulties, please email with the issue and they will assist in resolving.

What if I am not receiving the frequent communications and updates in my email?

It seems like many of the email blasts going out are ending up in folders like “spam”, “promotions”, or “junk”. Many times, this can be resolved by searching for those and then allowing access or moving to inbox.

Where can I find event updates?

Information will be emailed out to our email list. Additionally, all information can be found and accessed on our website at



Can I do the event on my mountain bike?

The event is possible on a variety of bicycles including mountain, road (San Diego only), E-Bike, tandem and ElliptiGO—but choose your weapon wisely and a good gravel bike like the Canyon Grail is recommended.

What if I do not like waffles?

Blasphemy! Trick question as even though the Belgian Waffle Ride will make you cringe and suffer, everyone loves waffles!

Where can I find the route maps?

We do not reveal the routes or downloads until the week of the event in respect for private landowners and areas that are permitted only for that one special day a year. There will be however, many hints and communications that will give all the information needed to choose the correct equipment and sector info needed for a successful ride.

I registered for one of the 2020 events that was postponed due to Covid-19, am I registered for the 2021 event or do I need to take any action?

If you were registered for 2020 then you need not do anything as the entries are carried over automatically. You do have the option of postponing or transferring to a different event location. To confirm you can login to your account to look at your information. If you experience any issues, please contact

Will there be aid stations on course?

YES! The BWR is always very well supported and stocked with stations every 20-30 miles. There are many items to help registrants make it to the finish line including but not limited to water, drink mix, bananas, gels, bars, PB and J, fig bars, sun block, extra tires and tubes, tools etc.

Can I have my own support on course?

We do have well stocked stations, but many have special dietary needs or may have a personal preference and we understand this. For many reasons we do allow this, but we recommend that this support happen near an existing aid station. We need to ensure all trash or empties are off course and other riders are expecting people to stop around the stations making this the safest option. There will be trash cans avail as well. NO VEHICLE HAND UPS FROM ANY NON-OFFICIAL BWR VEHICLE- AUTOMATIC DQ.

Can I switch from the Wafer to the full Waffle or vice versa?

Yes, absolutely and all changes can be made simply by logging into your account and edit your registration category. If technical assistance is needed please contact

What tires are best for each route?

Tires are the most important piece of equipment key to having a successful day on the bike. We have worked with our tire partner IRC to provide tire recommendations for each BWR course. Read the guide on

Am I registered, I cannot remember if I am?

Login to the website and you can check to see all of your events you are registered for and get your confirmation. 

I think I misspelled my name or put the wrong gender or birthdate, can I correct that?

YES, login to and make those adjustments. 

Can my friend pick up my packet for me?

Unfortunately no as each registrant is required to sign/agree to their own waivers.

Can I switch to the Wafer ride during the event?

NO, if you are registered for the full Waffle and you do not do the entire route then you will be scored as a DNF, NO EXCEPTIONS.

Can I switch from Waffle to Wafer, Wafer to Wanna or Wanna to Waffle?

Yes, please do online before showing up to the mandatory packet pick up at the BWR expo.

As an event goer there are times when you may want to change the type of Registration or Ticket that you have purchased. You signed up for the half marathon, but are now ready to tackle the full marathon. Or, maybe you bought a regular ticket but now want to upgrade to the VIP package. makes the process easy and seamless. Here’s how to make the change in just a few steps!

  1. Log In to your account. 
  2. In the top left corner, click on MY EVENTS tab. 

my events

3. Find the Event Card for which you wish to manage and select VIEW ORDER.

my events 2

4. Find the registration/ticket that you would like to change. Select MANAGE REGISTRATION or MANAGE TICKET and Change Registration (or Ticket).

manage registration

 5. Next, you will be able to select the new category you want. Note: You will only be able to select categories that have space available, are open for registration/purchase and that have been permitted by the organizer. Select the one you want and Continue.

What is the last day I can transfer or defer from one event to an alternative? 

All transfers and deferments must be completed one week before the event happens. Once the transfer window is closed and the event happens all unused entries will be forfeited.

Can I pick up my number on the morning of the event?

Official packet pick up is at the BWR expo on Saturday July 17th all day 10am-6pm.

The fee for Sunday morning pickup is $20 and the purchase can be done by  logging into, clicking on the registration and making the purchase.

If you are unable to complete on the site then the support team can help you out at or they also accept $20 cash on that morning.

Warning- it is very hectic and time consuming in the morning attempting to process hundreds of registrants before the start of the event. Please, yelling and poor attitudes will not be tolerated and will result in DQ. This opens at 4:30am and ends when the event begins.

Can I start in Wave 1 even though I do not have a road license category?

We have always used the road categorization system as our way to gauge the ability of riding in large, fast and skilled groups. We have had pro level MTBers among others fight to be in wave 1 only to be the cause of crashes. Unless your results are that of winning the TDF of years past please do not ask, the answer will be no! Most times, those who fight to be in the first wave blow up as they go out too hard and end up getting a car ride back to the expo.